The Prostate Cancer Alternative Treatment in Mexico’s Prestigious Angeles Hospital in Tijuana

A Natural, No-Chemo Cancer Treatment for Prostate Cancer Patients Stage-1 through Stage-4

The Functional Oncology Cancer Treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.

What is Functional Oncology?

Functional Oncology (FO) employs the most effective cancer therapies from both conventional and alternative cancer treatments with proven efficacy in treating a specific type of cancer by putting the patient at center stage to enhance the body’s own immune ability to attack cancer cells naturally employing 5 etiological areas, genetics, nutrition, xenobiosis, chronic inflammation and psychology to cure cancer and avoid toxic side-effects.

How Effective is the FO Alternative Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

Since first introduced, our Functional Oncology program in Mexico has treated hundreds of prostate cancer patients from all stages including stage 4 prostate cancer, receiving on average a 90% benefit rate when administered within the context of our Functional Oncology program.  And, has been used as the foundation for many other cancer treatments around the globe.

Cancer TypeCase NumberStage IStage IIStage IIIStage IVBenefit Rate (%)
Prostate Cancer1067339740842890%

*Updated 12/16/2018. The information in this study is for statistical purposes and should not be used to determine the potential outcome of any future prostate cancer patient. Every cancer patient case is unique and is treated differently within the context of our functional oncology protocol.

FO Prostate Cancer Patients
Cancer Stage1067
Patient Cases
Stage 133
Stage 287
Stage 3408
Stage 4428
Benefit Rate90%

*Updated 12/16/2018. The information in this study is for statistical purposes and should not be used to determine the potential outcome of any future prostate cancer patient. Every cancer patient case is unique and is treated differently within the context of our functional oncology protocol.

The Functional Oncology Prostate Cancer Alternative Treatment

Program duration from 10 to 18 days

T-Cell Modulator Therapy or TCM Therapy which is an encoded message that will trigger a chain of reactions in white cells to attack cancer cells. These will recognize malignant cells, introduce fighting cells, and attack and kill cancer cells.

Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy or Cellular Therapy, which the latest breakthrough and our most advanced alternative cancer treatment, where we increase the number of white cells such as t-cells, dendritic cells, LAK, NK or CD34 to reinforce the body’s defense mechanism against cancer cells and bacteria that produce cancer.

Thermotherapy or Hyperthermia Cancer Treatmentwhere the patient is induced into a controlled fever by elevating the temperature between 39 and 42 degrees Celsius. The heat makes cancer cells weak and gives us, the perfect window to inject killing agents in the patient’s body. The cancer cells die more easily when the patient is experiencing hyperthermia.

IPT Cancer Therapy or Low-Dose Potentiation Therapy IPT Cancer Therapy, which is world renowned treatment used by top oncologist and proprietary of our own resident oncologist, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia. The therapy is founded on three aspects: fasting, IPT therapy and low-dose chemotherapy. A highly effective combination of treatments to attack cancer cells successfully from all angles without damaging healthy organs, systems and tissues.

What is it like to be a Prostate Cancer Patient of our Functional Oncology Program in Mexico?

Meet the functional oncology team

Dr. Ariel Perez

Director of
Functional Medicine

Dr. Donato Pérez Garcia

President of the Academy for IPTLD

Dr. Baofa Yu


Dr. Alejandro Martinez

Medical Director

Anette Solorio


Gabriela Rodriguez

Gabriela Rodriguez

Senior Case Manager

Our Alternative Cancer Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

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Yes, in fact over half of our prostate cancer patients are stage 4 and although each patient’s outcome is different based on their current health situation, medical history, eating habits, and overall lifestyle, our studies have shown that 90% of our prostate cancer patients have benefited from our treatments. **Its very important that patients in stage 4 make timely decisions because time is of critical essence for the treatment to take positive effect**

Yes, many of our patients are still doing chemotherapy or have had it done in the pass. One of the great benefits of our functional treatment is that it doesn’t affect being in chemo like most other treatments, in fact, many of our most successful cases have already done chemo in the pass. Our treatment will precondition the body to eliminate the toxic effects from chemotherapy to get the body to optimal condition for the treatment.

Our statically studies have shown that if admitted into our program, there’s a very high chance that the patient will have a positive outcome, in fact 90% of our prostate cancer patients have managed to control their cancer into a manageable state that allows them to gain quality-of-life and avoid the major set-backs known to most cancer patients or in many cases have completely cured their cancer.

Because our program employs natural treatments that enhance the body’s own ability to attack cancer naturally, there’s no negative side-effects. Patients that have previously undergone chemotherapy are also administered a preconditioning program that helps decrease the negative side-effects like, hair-loss, nausea, toxicity, anemia and others to get them in optimal condition for our program

This varies based on each patient own unique needs and the personalized treatment that is advised by the medical board, usually between 10 to 18 days.

Contrary to the belief that a full-scale hospital with such prestigious reputation will be very expensive, patients that have decided to get our treatments constantly tell us that one of the main reasons they decided for us over others, is our straight-forward affordable price without any sneaky pricing gimmicks or up sales. Once you receive our treatment quote, that is final, and we won’t try to up sale or pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with.

The treatment price varies for each patient, mainly because each patient’s needs, and medical circumstances are very different and require different attention. Once our doctors receive your medical information, they will assess your medical needs and if an outpatient plan is an option, this will be presented to you, saving you the costs of an in-hospital stay while still getting the same treatment you would as an in-patient.

To obtain a better understanding of the treatment price for a specific situation, please fill out the inquiry form to provide our case manager and medical doctors the necessary information to evaluate your case and provide a precise estimate with no commitment.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept Medicare in Mexico however patients with private medical insurance have used a third-party medical billing provider to recover the cost of their treatment, in some cases recovering 80% of the total cost.  Our case managers can help with more information on how to request.