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Our Cancer Treatment Doctors

Dr. Ariel Perez

Director of Functional Medicine

Speciality: Functional Medicine
Languages: English, Spanish

Dr Perez is a functional/integrative physician, specializing in the treatment of chronic illnesses. He graduated from Baja California’s State University U.B.C. as a General Practitioner. Additional training and certification followed at the Institute for Functional Medicine, where he finished at the top of his class.

His studies also include orthomolecular medicine, cellular nutrition, hyperthermia, hyperbaric chamber, ozone treatment, bioenergetics, exercise, and applied kinesiology.pment.

Dr. Perez has developed many functional medicine programs for hospitals, where he normally also takes on the role of department head of functional medicine services.

Dr Perez is an experienced public speaker who participates in many integrative and holistic symposiums, promoting health and wellness.

“My mission is to improve patient outcomes through prevention, early assessment and comprehensive management of complex, chronic disease, this by identifying and healing the underlying clinical imbalances of chronic disease, creating momentum towards health.”

Degrees & Professional Affiliations

Graduate, Baja California State University, U.B.C.
Member, National Board of General Practitioners
Member, Tijuana association of GPs
Certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute for Functional Medicine ( ACCME®)
Certified in Bioenergetics by the Vega academy Germany
Certified in Hyperthermia by the Heckel Academy Germany
Certified in Medical Ozone Therapy by the Medical Society for Ozone
Certified on applied Kinesiology by the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara

Dr. Baofa Yu MD

World-renowned oncologist

World-renowned oncologist Dr. Baofa Yu MD has treated over 47,000 cancer patients for over 20 years with superior advantages and results as compared to other treatment therapies available around the globe.

Dr. Yu attended the San Diego Medical School of UCSD to continue his postdoctoral study in 1990 after graduating from Chinese medical college and gaining four years of working experience in hospitals in China.

He performed drug delivery research for cancer therapy in the Cancer Center of UCSD for two years. Following that, he conducted research involving the molecular biology of cancer in the Salk Institute for Biological Studies for two years; then he worked in a clinical department for four years, specializing in oncology and as an assistant professor of UCSD. He has now published more than 15 papers in a variety of scientific journals.

He returned to China in 1998 to set up his first hospital in his home town, where he achieved great success with his unique treatments.

Dr. Donato Pérez Garcia

President of the Academy for IPTLD®

Speciality: Functional Oncology
Languages: English, Spanish

Dr Donato Pérez García is an IPT Potentiation Therapy (IPT) specialist, focusing on the treatment of chronic illnesses. He graduated from University Anáhuac, School of Medicine.

Dr Donato Pérez García is the 3rd generation of IPT physicians; In 1982 he began working with his father where he learned the IPT, which was discovered by his grandfather.

Dr Donato Pérez García has dedicated himself to introducing the treatment in Mexico,South America, Europe, Asia and North Africa, training physicians that offer IPT as an option for treating cancer and other degenerative diseases. Since then he has continued with annual seminars, attended by international doctors and presentations on IPTLD® to the United States government organization NIH/NCI/OCCAM.

Dr Donato Pérez García developed further practice of IPT (which is now formally called IPT Potentiation Targeted Low Dose (IPTLD)). In January 2013 he was promoted for a three-year period as Medical Advisory in Research for the Health Committee of LXII Legislature, Chamber of Deputies, United States of Mexico, Government of Mexico.

Dr Donato Pérez García has over 30 years experience in IPT. Has applied over 26,000 treatments to patients worldwide. He began working at Angeles Health International in July 2013, alongside Dr Ariel Perez.

Awards, Affiliations and Nominations

2013- Board Member of Hospital Angeles Medical Society
2009- IPTLD® is a Trademark
2011- Board Member of Hospital Angeles Medical Society
2007- Medical staff member at Hospital Angeles
1992 – Member of Torres de Agua Caliente Medical Society. Tijuana, B.C. Mex
1991 – Leaders in American Innovation
1988 – Who’s Who in Mexico
1988 – Men of Achievement
1988 – The New York Academy of Sciences
1985-1997 – Sociedad Mexicana de Medicina General B.C
Personalities of America, Fifth Edition
Distinguished Leadership Award, Second Edition

Dr. Alfonso Martinez

Treating Physician/Hyperthermia Specialist

Speciality: Hyperthermia
Languages: English, Spanish