John Thuo

Metastatic Stage 4 Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Survivor Success Story in Mexico

John is a 54-year-old former patient of our clinic who came from Boston, Massachusetts. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gallbladder cancer, at his home town he received different treatments with no success. The cancer then spread to his liver, lungs and stomach, when doctors saw the size of this tumor, no one wanted to treat him. They told him, he had 2 to 6 weeks to live.

He started researching for alternative cancer treatments around the world: India, Germany, among other countries. When he found our clinic in Tijuana, Mexico he immediately contacted us and was surprise that within hours our medical team had already asked and received his medical history and was reviewing it.

He describes our case manager and medical team care as attentive and personalized. He was shocked when our own head doctor talked to him on the phone for an hour, to make sure he understood all the information shared with him.

When asked about his safety, he reassures that our clinic felt like his second home. He never felt scared o stressed, because of medical team never left his side. He was part of the decision-making process for his personalized treatment plan, he met every single person in our medical and administrative team and knows them by name.

Finally, he recommends our treatment plans for cancer patients looking to extend their life. He shares the cost is equivalent to the type and quality treatment you will receive.

What did John Thuo do to find a cure after being on hospice care in the U.S.?

John like many other cancer patients was told back home that the only possibility for cure from cancer was through radiation and chemotherapy without any regard for the collateral damage and side-effects her body would have to endure at her age, she was never explained nor provided with all the available options for at least being able to achieve a better quality-of-life for coming years.

While put on hospice care, John was brave enough to not accept defeat and to continue researching for more options. She found that the best Gallbladder cancer survivor rates was with our 18-day programs and against all the odds, John decided to come to Tijuana, Mexico to put full trust in our team

18 days Functional Oncology Approach

Meet the functional oncology team that helped John beat cancer

Dr. Ariel Perez

Director of
Functional Medicine

Dr. Baofa Yu


Dr. Donato Pérez Garcia

President of the Academy for IPTLD

Dr. Alejandro Martinez

Medical Director

Anette Solorio


Gabriela Rodriguez

Gabriela Rodriguez

Senior Case Manager

This is our full-scale hospital where John got treated for 18 days

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