Leukemia Cancer Survivor Testimonials at Mexican Cancer Clinic Angeles Functional Oncology

Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia Patient Testimonial – William E. Bradbury

William E. Bradbury chuckles as he mentions people are scared to get their cancer treatment in Mexico. For him, it was a pleasure to get treated by our medical staff, which he describes as nice and incredible at their jobs. William describes the medical facilities at our Functional Oncology Clinic as cleaner and nicer than any other hospital he visited in the USA.

He encourages all cancer patients looking for a safe place for treatment, to visit our Functional Oncology Clinic as our medical team did a terrific job and he was incredibly satisfied with his treatment and the results.

AML ( Acute Myeloid Leukemia) Cancer Survivor Testimonial – Zachariah

Zachariah is a 36-year-old AML patient, that came from Colorado to our Mexican cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. With the help of his doctor, they researched treatments from all over the world and decided to choose chemotherapy. After his two rounds of treatment, his doctor was in shock he didn´t go into remission. After another research his first option was Angeles Hospital in Tijuana.

He shares his experience with our medical team was incredible. The first time he called Angeles Hospital, Dr. Ariel Perez spent 90 minutes with him, his parents and doctor, making sure all their doubts were answered. The attention provided by the medical staff was amazing and he shares at the end of his experience, he called a friend and said: “It is the first time, I felt a little sad to leave a hospital”.

Stage 4 Cancer Survivor Testimonial

Sheryl was treated for cancer through our 6 step functional oncology program at Hospital Angeles Tijuana. “You can feel the compassion,” says her husband as he notes one of the more striking differences between Sheryl’s US oncology team, and our functional integrative approach.

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