IPT Potentiation Therapy
Cancer Treatment

Also known as IPTLD or Potentiation Low Dose Therapy is a metabolic supported chemotherapy that includes: fasting, IPT and traditional chemotherapy.

IPT is one of our key therapies in the Functional Oncology Clinic and we are proud to say that Dr. Donato Perez, one of our specialists is the grandson of the IPT creator and the rightful owner of IPTLD therapy.

IPT Potentiation Therapy (IPT) involves three different aspects: fasting, IPT therapy and chemotherapy. A complete strategy to attack cancerous cells from different angles and obtain the best results 

“IPT Potentiation Therapy (IPT) involves three different aspects: fasting, IPT therapy and chemotherapy. A complete strategy to attack cancerous cells from different angles and obtain the best results” 

What is IPT Therapy?

IPT or IPTLD is a treatment that targets a cell by changing the bio-physio-chemical constants and parameters of the blood. This pathway initially attacks the cancerous cell itself through its intra-cellular environment and then by the extra-cellular environment by permeabilizing the cell membrane.

In more simple words, IPT is a chemotherapy delivered at a fraction of the normal dose and it is only directed to the cancerous cells and not the patients entire body, which significantly reduces or eliminates the dangerous side-effects of conventional chemotherapy.


IPT History

IPT Potentiation Therapy was created and developed in 1930 and patented in 1939 by Donato Perez Garcia, Sr. (1896 – 1971), the grandfather of our president of IPT, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia 3rd.  IPT first began as a treatment for syphilis and neurosyphilis but later discovered benefits in treating cancer patients in 1946.

Dr Donato Pérez García 3rd is our IPT Potentiation Therapy (IPT) oncology specialist. He graduated from the University Anáhuac, School of Medicine and is currently the head of our IPT alternative cancer treatment program at Angeles Hospital’s Functional Oncology program.

Dr Donato Pérez García is a 3rd generation IPT physician along with his father and grandfather. He began practicing IPT with his father in 1982 and went on to develop the first Education Board for IPT in 2001 and the European Academy for IPT in 2010 where he currently holds the position of President of IPT Academy.

Dr Donato Pérez García has dedicated his entire life to furthering the development of IPT, and in 1986 formerly presented his medical hypothesis on IPT therapy for treatment of chronic degenerative diseases now commonly referred to and used as an alternative cancer treatment known as IPTLD or Low Dose IPT. He has traveled the world educating and introducing the treatment outside of Mexico, in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and North Africa, and Asia where he has trained other physicians that offer IPT as an option for treating cancer and other degenerative diseases. Dr Donato Perez Garcia also holds annual seminars, attended by top international doctors and the United States government organizations NIH/NCI/OCCAM.

Dr Donato Pérez García has over 30 years’ experience in IPT. Has applied over 26,000 treatments to patients worldwide. He has been working at Angeles Hospital’s Functional Oncology program in Tijuana Mexico since July 2013.


The demand for IPT has increased and with that, the certification of M.D.’s. Unfortunately, there are doctors and organizations who have stolen the knowledge on IPT and trained other doctors to make profit.

Not every doctor can be a IPT specialist, it takes time, effort, preparation and a thorough evaluation to certify a doctor as an official I.P.T. Physician, capable and competent to perform this protocol, always keeping the security of the patient at high priority.

Every year Dr. Donato and his team organize IPT conferences and workshops given by our own Dr. Donato, to be officially certified. Patients and people from all over the world have free access to “The List” of Certified I.P.T. Practitioners, trained and endorsed by Donato Perez Garcia, M.D., which is updated on a quarterly basis.


Doctors and/or organizations that are not on this list are not authorized to practice/train in I.P.T. Any disregard to do so, in due time, will have to reported to proper authorities, both in Mexico and the United States of America.

For a list (of dangerous) NON-certified IPT healers:


IPT Therapy is one of our core cancer suppression therapies employed with our Functional Oncology alternative cancer treatment at Angeles Hospital Tijuana. Prices vary based on each patients unique needs and circumstances. Exact treatment prices are provided one the patient fills out the medical questionnaire after contacting with our case manager with no commitment. To request this information please fill out the form  here.

At our Functional Center, our treatment protocol cost can take between 18 days to 25 days, according to each patient´s case. To learn how long will your Functional Oncology Treatment be, please fill out our medical form here.