Immune Support And Regulation

The immune system is one of the most important parts of our bodies and it´s in charge of our survival and evolution as humans. In addition, it plays a key role in the fight against cancer.

Our immune system defends and repairs our body, thanks to inflammatory responses. It that moments the wounds are repaired and the body starts to fight again external agents.

The immune system ensures that all cells are healthy for them to be fully functional an oversees the defense and repair process of the human body, making it a primary aspect to fight cancer 

“The immune system ensures that all cells are healthy for them to be fully functional an oversees the defense and repair process of the human body, making it a primary aspect to fight cancer” 

The best way to explain the process is: our immune system is an army and the soldiers are: our white blood cells. We have different types of white cells, each of them have a specific role in the fight: repair, heal and defend.

It´s important to understand that each patient is different and how the disease develops in their body, as well.

The human body can suffer from chronic inflammation, which is the activation of the immune system for a longer-than-normal period. The meaning behind this: the patient’s immune system failed to solve the problem due to malnutrition. Our medical team will take a blood sample to perform different lab works to learn if the patient’s immune system is healthy and working correctly or when they have an overresponse to the inflammation and can create complications.

When this happens, an inadequate immune response is unchained, where cells are unable to recognize the malignant cell as defective resulting in the absence of an immune response against these dysfunctional cells, this gives freedom to the malignant cell to multiply and implant themselves in other areas.

As a result, we have an active immune response but no specific one, that is; the immune system is active but is not able to cope with the disease, generating damage in different adjacent tissues where there is tumor activity, as well as increasing the risk of pro-inflammatory complications such as lymph node growth, clot formation, vascular alterations, pain, etc.

Treating Chronic Inflammation

The symptoms and complications that come after, are related to the level of inflammation. Some examples of an intense chronic inflammation (chronic diseases such as cancer) are: lymph node growth, clot formation, vascular alterations, and examples from low chronic inflammation (wound) complications is: pain.

To treat chronic inflammation, most doctors use a medicine called Dexamethasone, a very potent anti-inflammatory drug. However, our medical team prefers not to use it, to avoid the side effects: irritation to gastric mucosa and it suppresses the immune response, putting the patient at even more risk. In some cases, leading to the need to perform prophylactic interventions with the use of antibiotics. On the other hand, this drug generates metabolic alterations as an undesired side effect, resulting in alterations in blood sugar levels, requiring in some cases medical management.

Another challenge we see with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs is; its high irritability to the gastric mucosa, where prolonged use of these drugs forces us to take preventive measures to protect the integrity of the digestive system.

The goal of our team is to always maintain a healthy immune system and with this medicine we are doing the complete opposite. In addition, we have more natural and less invasive treatments all of them with anti-inflammatory or regulatory properties for the immune system:

  • Japanese Fungi
  • Chinese Herbs
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Turmeric or Curcumin
  • Essential Fatty Acids in High Doses
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamin D.


Contrary to the belief that a full-scale hospital with such prestigious reputation will be very expensive, patients that have decided to get our treatments constantly tell us that the one of the main reasons they decided for us over others, is our straight-forward affordable price without any sneaky pricing gimmicks or up sales. Once you receive our treatment quote, that is final, and we won’t try to up sale or pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with.

The treatment price varies for each patient, mainly because each patient’s needs, and medical circumstances are very different and require different attention. Once our doctors receive your medical information, they will assess your medical needs and if an outpatient plan is an option, this will be presented to you, saving you the costs of an in-hospital stay while still getting the same treatment you would as an in-patient.

To obtain a better understanding of the treatment price for a specific situation, please fill out the inquiry form to provide our case manager and medical doctors the necessary information to evaluate your case and provide a precise estimate with no commitment.

At our Functional Center, our treatment protocol cost can take between 18 days to 25 days, according to each patient´s case. To learn how long will your Functional Oncology Treatment be,  please fill out our medical form here.

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