Dr. Donato Pérez Garcia

President of the Academy for IPTLD®

Speciality: Functional Oncology
Languages: English, Spanish

Dr Donato Pérez graduated as a General Doctor, from the School of Medicine in the University Anahuac. He is an IPT Potentiation Therapy specialist, focusing on the treatment of chronic illnesses, such as cancer.

His grandfather created the Insulin Potentiation Therapy in 1930, making Dr. Donato the third generation of IPT physicians in his family. He started working in 1982 with his father, where he learned the IPT and has dedicated his 30-year career to continue the research and progress of the treatment and to educate the new generation of doctors in IPT.

Throughout his career, Dr. Donato has dedicated himself to introduce the IPT treatment in Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia and North Africa, training physicians who want offer IPT as a treatment option for cancer and other degenerative diseases. He continues to attend to annual seminars which have the presence of world renown doctors, to present IPTLD® to the United States government and organization such as: NIH/NCI/OCCAM.

Dr. Perez Garcia developed further practice of the IPT treatment, which is now formally known as IPT – Potentiation Targeted Low Dose (IPTLD), he has applied over 26,000 treatment to patients around the world. In January 2013 he was promoted to Medical Advisory in Research for the Health Committee of LXII Legislature, Chamber of Deputies, United States of Mexico, Government of Mexico for a three-year period and in July of that same year, he began working at Angeles Health International alongside Dr. Ariel Perez, in the Functional Oncology Program.  

Awards, Affiliations and Nominations

  • 2013Board Member of Hospital Angeles Medical Society
  • 2009IPTLD® is a Trademark
  • 2011Board Member of Hospital Angeles Medical Society
  • 2007Medical staff member at Hospital Angeles
  • 1992Member of Torres de Agua Caliente Medical Society. Tijuana, B.C. Mex
  • 1991Leaders in American Innovation
  • 1988Who’s Who in Mexico
  • 1988Men of Achievement
  • 1988 The New York Academy of Sciences
  • 1985-1997Sociedad Mexicana de Medicina General B.C

Dr. Donato Perez…The third generation of IPT physicians

IPT was created by Dr. Donato’s grandfather, ever since his family has dedicated their life to research and make progress in the field to make sure the treatment can reach full potential and offer greater results for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer. 

Dr. Donato is the President of the European Academy for IPT the only institution which is certified to provide education on IPT. Doctors from all over the world attend and get their certification, to be able to provide the therapy in their clinics and hospitals.