Dr. Baofa Yu MD

World-renowned oncologist

World-renowned oncologist Dr. Baofa Yu MD has treated over 47,000 cancer patients for over 20 years with superior advantages and results as compared to other treatment therapies available around the globe.

Dr. Yu attended the San Diego Medical School of UCSD to continue his postdoctoral study in 1990 after graduating from Chinese medical college and gaining four years of working experience in hospitals in China.

He performed drug delivery research for cancer therapy in the Cancer Center of UCSD for two years. Following that, he conducted research involving the molecular biology of cancer in the Salk Institute for Biological Studies for two years; then he worked in a clinical department for four years, specializing in oncology and as an assistant professor of UCSD. He has now published more than 15 papers in a variety of scientific journals.

He returned to China in 1998 to set up his first hospital in his home town, where he achieved great success with his unique treatments.

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