Dr. Ariel Perez

Director of Functional Medicine

SpecialtyFunctional Medicine, Oncology
Languages: English, Spanish
Years of Practicing: 20+yrs.

Dr Perez is a functional/integrative physician, specializing in the treatment of chronic illnesses such as cancer. He got his degree in General Medicine from Baja California’s State University. He continued his education specializing in Functional Medicine, where he graduated top of his class from the Institute of Functional Medicine. 

In addition, Dr. Perez continued his training and education on other specialties, which include: Orthomolecular Medicine, Cellular Nutrition, Hyperthermia, Hyperbaric Chamber, Ozone Treatment, Bioenergetics, Exercise and applied Kinesiology.

He is known for his great expertise and knowledge, that is why different hospitals in the country have requested his support to develop their Functional Medicine Programs, therefore, Dr. Perez remains as the director of the Department of Functional Medical Services.

“My mission is to improve patient outcomes through prevention, early assessment and comprehensive management of complex, chronic disease, this by identifying and healing the underlying clinical imbalances of chronic disease, creating momentum towards health.”

– Dr. Ariel Perez

Degrees & Professional Affiliations

  • Member, National Board of General Practitioners
  • Member, Tijuana association of GPs
  • Certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute for Functional Medicine ( ACCME®)
  • Certified in Bioenergetics by the Vega academy Germany
  • Certified in Hyperthermia by the Heckel Academy Germany
  • Certified in Medical Ozone Therapy by the Medical Society for Ozone
  • Certified on applied Kinesiology by the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara

10 Reasons Why Stage 4 Cancer Patients Are Choosing Functional Oncology for Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico

Listen to our Director of Functional Oncology Dr. Ariel Perez as he explains why our cancer treatment has been so effective. A unique approach to cancer healing that provides patients clarity, empowerment, superior knowledge, the latest technology, accountability, compassion, an unyielding approach, value and the proper follow up our patients need to make sure we increase their success rates.

Dr. Ariel Perez | Director of Functional Medicine

Dr Ariel Perez Explains the Concepts of Functional Medicine and Why Cancer Patients Need to Learn about the Benefits

The Functional Oncology Program was designed by Dr. Perez who has more than 20 years of experience and dedication to the modality of treatment that is Functional Medicine.

He explains our program doesn’t only focus on the disease, in this case: cancer. We focus in treating our patients as a whole taking in consideration their age, gender, type of cancer, tumor location, previous treatments, current condition, overall health, among other criteria.

A Natural, No-Chemo Cancer Treatment for Cancer Patients Stage-1 through Stage-4

The Functional Oncology (FO) alternative cancer treatment is an innovative approach for treating cancer patients’ stage-1 through stage-4, it combines alternative and conventional medicine to increase the success rates while reducing the toxic waste and negative side-effects known to all other cancer treatments.

The Functional Oncology Cancer Treatment

Learn more on how the first step of our Functional Protocol is key to determine the success of your treatment, Dr. Ariel explains more thoroughly.

Dr. Perez shares the importance of having a healthy body at all levels to be able to fight against a chronic disease such as cancer. 

How can a Detox help you fight against cancer? Dr. Ariel explains the importance of eliminating all toxins from your body before starting treatment.

Dr. Ariel explains one of the most important steps in our Functional Protocol, in which we prepare and make our patients body strong enough to fight against the cancer cells.

 Dr. Ariel explains how they application of the four different treatments: Hyperthermia, TCM, Immunotherapy and IPT, fight and destroy against cancer cells.

Our clinic offers a 36 moth Follow Up Program, learn more by watching our own Dr. Ariel how it works and the importance of providing guidance once the patient returns home.

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