Chemotherapy Preconditioning (Prepare for Chemo)

Reduce Side-Effects. Improve Success Rate.

The Chemotherapy Preconditioning is a cancer treatment program designed to improve chemotherapy success rates by preparing the future chemotherapy patient’s body to withstand the negative side-effects, like hair-loss, nausea, anemia and provide the necessary tools to adapt, fight-back and recover more effectively and much faster than just by doing chemo alone.

The Chemo Preconditioning is a very popular treatment based on its effectiveness and affordable price, at just a fraction of the cost of one single chemotherapy session in the US, patients can improve success rates between 80%-90% while minimizing negative effects. Learn more about our programs success rates.

  • Improve Effectiveness +80%-90%

  • Reduce Toxicity +80%

  • Recover Faster +100%

  • Reduce Hair-loss +80%

  • Reduce Nausea +90%

  • Reduce Anemia +80%

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“The chemotherapy preconditioning is a must for cancer patients waiting to have chemotherapy, it helps reduce hair-loss, toxicity, nausea, anemia, recover faster and overall improves the quality-of-life after having chemo, for a fraction of the cost of a single chemo session in the US. There’s no reason not to invest in this if already decided on having chemo”

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Who’s Eligible for Chemo Preconditioning?

The preconditioning programs is for cancer patients who are scheduled to undergo chemotherapy and want to have their body in the best possible condition, by adjusting their body with the necessary tools to ensure the best possible outcome and quality-of-life after their chemo treatment.

  • Cancer patients 1 week ahead of their chemotherapy

  • Cancer patients that want to minimize the negative side-effects of chemotherapy

  • Cancer patients that want to improve their chances of success with chemo

  • Minimize the Hair-Loss from Chemo

  • Cancer patients that prefer an outpatient program

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How Does the Chemo Precondition work?

Chemo Preconditioning Protocol

The Chemo Preconditioning works in two phases which are administered in 6 days of outpatient treatment, both phases start with immune and metabolic stimulation to prepare the body for the strong effects of chemotherapy, and the later stages, two different approaches to prepare the body to fight-back employing perfusion systemic hyperthermia in first phase and electro-hyperthermia system in the second phase .

Protocol Phases:

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Immune Stimulation (Phase 1 & Phase 2). Here we increase the levels of precursor cells, including dendritic cell growth to provide the necessary tools and resources for the immune system to fight malignant cells.

Metabolic Stimulation (Phase 1 & Phase 2). Here we provide the personalization that is needed for each cancer type and individual situation by providing personalized nutrition and supplementation plan to prepare the body for withstanding the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

Tumor Destruction (Phase 1). This part is only done with phase 1, where Systemic Perfusion Hyperthermia is provided to allow for optimal amount of cellular information about the tumor, so that the immune system can improve its recognition and fighting capabilities during chemotherapy.

Tumor Presentation (Phase 2).  This part is done in phase 2, where we do Electro Hyperthermia and Systemic Elements to enhance the immune systems ability to recognize and fight back malignant tumors.

More About Chemotherapy Care Package

When is the chemo preconditioning done, before, during or after having chemotherapy?

The chemo preconditioning program has to be done before undergoing chemotherapy, to allow for the patient to be in optimal conditions when doing chemotherapy. This has to be done one week ahead of chemotherapy.

Can I have the chemo preconditioning while undergoing another cancer therapy?

Yes, this program can help prepare the body for optimal conditions for any other type of cancer therapy when administered right before their treatment. Having this preconditioning along with other therapies won’t affect negatively. Please discuss this with our doctors for more details and information.

What is the price of the FO alternative cancer treatment?

Contrary to the belief that a full-scale hospital with such prestigious reputation will be very expensive, patients that have decided to get our treatments constantly tell us that the one of the main reasons they decided for us over others, is our straight-forward affordable price without any sneaky pricing gimmicks or up sales. Once you receive our treatment quote, that is final, and we won’t try to up sale or pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with.

The treatment price varies for each patient, mainly because each patient’s needs, and medical circumstances are very different and require different attention. Once our doctors receive your medical information, they will assess your medical needs and if an outpatient plan is an option, this will be presented to you, saving you the costs of an in-hospital stay while still getting the same treatment you would as an in-patient.

To obtain a better understanding of the treatment price for a specific situation, please fill out the inquiry form to provide our case manager and medical doctors the necessary information to evaluate your case and provide a precise estimate with no commitment.

How long is the chemo precondition treatment?

This is a six-day outpatient program, that consists of two phases and the patient should start chemotherapy within 1-2 days after finishing this treatment. Patients are required to schedule their preconditioning taking into consideration enough time for traveling based on when they start their chemotherapy to have enough time complete the preconditioning treatment program just before starting their chemo to allow for the body to be in best possible condition.

Is it a requirement to have both phases of treatment or could I choose one?

Ideally yes. Our studies, including success rates, minimizing side-effects, eliminating toxicity have all been based on patients’ outcomes where both phases of the treatment have been done.

How soon before chemotherapy can I get this treatment?

This treatment needs to start one week prior to scheduled chemotherapy, both phases take 6 days and patient needs to start their chemotherapy within 1-2 days of finishing our program to have the body in optimum conditions.

Is this the chemo preconditioning program for all types of cancers and stages?

Yes, all types of cancers, except leukemias and any stages of cancer where the body will be exposed to strong chemical toxicity from a treatment can benefit from this enhancement treatment.

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