Cancer Survivor Testimonials at Mexican Cancer Clinic Angeles Functional Oncology

DCIS Breast Cancer Patient Testimonial – Sheila Daniel

Sheila is a 62-year-old patient from Virginia who was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer in 2005. After her doctors told her, she was suffering from a rare type of cancer they decided surgery was her best option. Sadly, they told her she needed a mastectomy because they could not remove it completely. She lost trust and started researching cancer treatments in Mexico, after she read than a healthy and strong immune system is what you need to fight cancer. She called our clinic and after talking with Dr. Perez she knew it was the right place.

She chose us because we were accessible, because Dr. Perez answer each and every question she had in over 4 calls. In addition, she liked the fact that we are located inside a hospital, in modern facilities with a very professional, caring and king medical team. She shares to all cancer patients looking for treatment in Mexico: “Don’t wait, come!”. She ends by saying she is going home thankful for a great outlook and future.

Stage 4 Colon Cancer  Patient Testimonial – Teresa M.

63 years old Diagnosed in 2017 | with Stage 4 Colon Cancer | American, Resident of California.

A year and a half ago she was diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery to remove the rumor. After the proper evaluation she was told her cancer was Stage 3, she immediately knew she didn’t want to have chemotherapy because it destroys malignant and healthy cells.
She started doing research and found out about alternative cancer treatments in Mexico. With all the options, people recommended our Functional Clinic. She instantly knew it was the right choice because of the excellent communication and the medical facilities, all the other options where clinics and we offer state of the art hospital facilities. In addition, she describes the staff is outstanding, the doctors are amazing and they all talk English.
She said it’s all worth the money and she remains HOPEFUL of being cancer free very soon.

Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia Patient Testimonial – William E. Bradbury

William E. Bradbury chuckles as he mentions people are scared to get their cancer treatment in Mexico. For him, it was a pleasure to get treated by our medical staff, which he describes as nice and incredible at their jobs. William describes the medical facilities at our Functional Oncology Clinic as cleaner and nicer than any other hospital he visited in the USA.

He encourages all cancer patients looking for a safe place for treatment, to visit our Functional Oncology Clinic as our medical team did a terrific job and he was incredibly satisfied with his treatment and the results.

Stage 4 Cervical and Lung Cancer Patient Testimonial – Margaret Cassling

Margaret Cassling is a former patient, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer and treated with conventional procedures such as: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. After years in remission, the cancer came back and spread to her lungs. After researching alternative treatments she found our clinic and decided to come to Tijuana. 

She self-produced her testimonial with help from her husband. They share their medical experience as amazing, the medical facilities were modern and clean. Our doctors and nurses were kind and present all the time, ready to answer their questions and explain every procedure performed on Margaret. After her treatment plan, her husband shares she is happy and well back at home, following her diet and walking every day with her husband. 

AML ( Acute Myeloid Leukemia) Cancer Survivor Testimonial – Zachariah

Zachariah is a 36-year-old AML patient, that came from Colorado to our Mexican cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. With the help of his doctor, they researched treatments from all over the world and decided to choose chemotherapy. After his two rounds of treatment, his doctor was in shock he didn´t go into remission. After another research his first option was Angeles Hospital in Tijuana.

He shares his experience with our medical team was incredible. The first time he called Angeles Hospital, Dr. Ariel Perez spent 90 minutes with him, his parents and doctor, making sure all their doubts were answered. The attention provided by the medical staff was amazing and he shares at the end of his experience, he called a friend and said: “It is the first time, I felt a little sad to leave a hospital”.

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Survivor Testimonial – Raymond Demyen

Raymond Demyen was a 57-year-old stage 4 lung cancer patient that from Canada to our Mexican cancer clinic. Raymond explains how his stage 4 lung cancer  became a carcinoma with time, and after he couldn’t improve his condition with traditional treatments, finally found hope with Angeles Hospitals functional oncology alternative cancer treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.

After this experience with us, he now explains how he truly believes that the best way to treat cancer is through the immune system based on his personalized treatment plan. “The attention is extremely professional and personalized and the patient follow up is incredible“.

Breast Cancer Survivor Testimonial – Sherlyn Nocwiki

Sherlyn Nocwiki is a 52-year-old cancer free patient from Canada, that was diagnosed with breast cancer before getting a 12 day treatment with us. She shares how the moment she was diagnosed with cancer was the most frightening moment of her life and after she researched all the negative the side-effect from traditional cancer treatments and their secondary effects the fear only grew and became more real.

Sheryl like most patients, had many treatment options and along with her primary care doctor from Canada who helped her go through the process of deciding, they talked with Dr. Perez for about six hours to decide.

Sheryl explains how before arriving with us, she visited another cancer clinic in Tijuana but her experience was bad and their premises made her feel very uncomfortable, completely the opposite of how she felt when she walked in to Angeles Hospital where the premises are up to US standards and the staff made her feel right at home. She gets emotional when talking about how good the personalized attention of Dr. Perez and the entire medical team was.

Lung Cancer Survivor Testimonial – April Landry

April Landry is a 61-year-old cancer free patient from Canada that was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer before arriving with us at Angeles Hospital mexican cancer clinic in Tijuana. She got in contact with us in 2012 thanks to a friend and she explains her successful treatment and how she was completely amazed with the treatment. She describes the medical attention as incredible, the treatment as perfectly designed to her needs and the follow up given by the doctors themselves through phone calls and emails, as amazing.

Thyroid Cancer Survivor  Testimonial – Derek

Derek is a 62-year-old patient from Alaska who was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer that spread through different parts of his body. He was completely amazed with the results and the incredible benefits of the functional oncology treatment at Angeles Hospital.

He explains the medical team is incredibly kind and warm, he and his wife were treated by the most professional team. They had a great room with a bed for his wife, very good food for each of them and  how the staff always ask them if they were comfortable. He says that at first he was nervous about coming to Mexico but thanks to the support and the professionalism from the doctors, the experience was great.

Stage 4 Rectal Colon Cancer Survivor Testimonial – Deborah

Deborah is a 63-year-old cancer survivor patient that decided to undergo our functional oncology treatment because she said “I don’t want to hurt my body to heal my body”. She never had traditional treatment as an option but she wanted to make sure her alternative treatment was performed in a fully equipped hospital in case there was any complication.

The attention the medical team brings is amazing and it´s better than in the USA. She explains doctor are kind and compassionate, they take their time to speak with the patients and make them feel secure.

Colon Cancer Survivor Testimonial – Norm

Norm is a 55-year-old patient from Pennsylvania, who was diagnosed with colon cancer that spread to his liver and other parts of his body. He was treated with chemotherapy back in the United States and he was never given a concrete answer to his questions as he got worst and worst.

After doing his research he decided to try Angeles Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, where he was treated by Dr. Perez and the incredible medical staff.  He describes his experience as amazing and nothing compared to the US. He explains how Dr. Perez would spend hours explaining everything about his cancer, the new treatment options and the results he could expect. Now after successful treatment he is more energized and feels like himself again.

He recommends all doubtful patients to come to Tijuana to try the new functional oncology alternative cancer treatment at Angeles Hospital.

Stage 4 Cancer Survivor Testimonial

Sheryl was treated for cancer through our 6 step functional oncology program at Hospital Angeles Tijuana. “You can feel the compassion,” says her husband as he notes one of the more striking differences between Sheryl’s US oncology team, and our functional integrative approach.

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