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Cancer Suppression

At our Functional Oncology Protocol, we called this: “the anti-cancer step”. At this moment of our 6-step program, the patient undergoes a set of treatments that are a therapeutic possibility for them.

Each of them has proven results in reversing the effects of cancer or completely curing the cancer. In addition, their application is under our mantra: “Respect for the patient”.

Most of our patients ask, what does: “Respect for the patient” mean. As we have mentioned before in this alternative treatment the most important aspect is: the individuality of the patient.

Each of treatments used in this step was designed with an individual approach taking in consideration the patient’s specific needs: type of cancer, location of the tumor, stage of the cancer, damage to other organs and tissues, the patient overall health, their strength, among others.

We don’t want to cause damage or multiple side effects on our patient’s body. Our Functional Oncology treatments have many goals, among them is: to preserve and give a better quality of life to our patients.

The patient’s role in our Functional Oncology Treatment

In modern times, the amount of cancer patients questioning the results of traditional cancer treatments is growing. At our Functional Oncology Center, we don’t rule out the conventional treatments; however, we know as well as our patients, the statistic of medical cases in which the results were not positive. Our patients know that in some cases, traditional treatment can compromise the quality of life you have after them.

Our patients have a voice when they come to our Functional Oncology Center, everything they have gone through, they´re previous research, they type of cancer, the food they eat, their lifestyle, everything is taken into consideration and we can´t know this information, if the patient doesn’t have a voice in the process.

We always say Dr. Ariel Perez is the leader of our medical team, when our patient is the leader. The patient’s opinion is taken into consideration in every step of the process, the patient has the final word in the decision, because he or she is going to be the one dealing with all the baggage that comes from the treatment.

Quality of life for our cancer patients

Every treatment and therapy we offer at our Functional Oncology Center has been evaluated in the labs. The results they provided helped us decide what type of treatment we should offer our cancer patients to help them heal and at the same time keep our goal: to not perpetuate or threaten the quality of life of our patients.

However, we will always talk to our patients about the treatment, the possible side effects, the benefits, the recovery period, etc., to make sure they are comfortable with it. If the patients have doubts or they do not feel comfortable with a procedure, we will not perform it and we´ll find other therapeutic options to fill in.

In the cases where we are confronted with extremely complicated patients where the balance is almost absent, it will allow us to stabilize the patient better, by not having to battle even more side effects, the result will be a better focus on to the patient’s complications and their management.

The goal of this step and the whole program is: remission, regardless of the challenge we face. Of course, all under the absolute golden rule: maintaining the patient’s quality of life.

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Cancer Suppression FAQs

The cost of a functional oncology alternative cancer treatments at our center is priced individually based on the specific needs of each cancer patient. To provide a general idea, prices can range from $24,000 to $35,000 USD for an 18 day treatment protocol, however not every patient will require the full 18 days or the same therapies so prices can vary.  To get a better idea of exact pricing for a specific case, please fill out our free consultation form so that our team can get in contact with full details here.

At our Functional Center, our treatment protocol cost can take between 18 days to 25 days, according to each patient´s case. To learn how long will your Functional Oncology Treatment be, please fill out our medical form here.

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