About Hospital Angeles Functional Oncology Center in Tijuana, Mexico

Angeles Cancer Hospital is Mexico’s largest private hospital network. Our patient care network is comprised of 28 hospitals, 234 surgical suites, 2,554 beds and 15,000 specialists. Five million patients are treated each year by 11,000 Angeles Hospital physicians.

In just over two decades, Angeles Hospital has radically transformed the practice of private medicine in Mexico and become a leader in medical tourism. Angeles Hospital conducts an estimated 100 clinical trials annually, with major global pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

As part of our program, we offer our patients and your traveling companions full, English-fluent travel concierge services, handling everything from medical consults, appointments and records transfer, as well as help with travel arrangements in a comprehensive, affordable, inclusive medical travel package.

Our affiliates and partners include, Angeles Health for weight loss, orthopedic, cosmetic and plastic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico 

Medical Travel Facilitator MedicalMex for peace-of-mind for traveling for Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Sleeve, Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplants, procedures in Tijuana, Mexico.

What is the price of the FO alternative cancer treatment?

Contrary to the belief that a full-scale hospital with such prestigious reputation will be very expensive, patients that have decided to get our treatments constantly tell us that the one of the main reasons they decided for us over others, is our straight-forward affordable price without any sneaky pricing gimmicks or up sales. Once you receive our treatment quote, that is final, and we won’t try to up sale or pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with.

The treatment price varies for each patient, mainly because each patient’s needs, and medical circumstances are very different and require different attention. Once our doctors receive your medical information, they will assess your medical needs and if an outpatient plan is an option, this will be presented to you, saving you the costs of an in-hospital stay while still getting the same treatment you would as an in-patient.

To obtain a better understanding of the treatment price for a specific situation, please fill out the inquiry form to provide our case manager and medical doctors the necessary information to evaluate your case and provide a precise estimate with no commitment.